The Journey Begins

Hello and welcome to the Cameron and the Heather History Company!

For the first time in Scottish history, the Cameron Clan of Port of Menteith has decided to open its doors and let the world know the incredible role their clan played in Scottish history. After many years of intense discussion, the Cameron Clan has agreed to combine forces with the Heather History Company of Edinburgh to create a unique experience where visitors from all over the world can experience what it is like to be a member of the famous Clan Cameron and understand its role in Scottish history. The Clan has graciously allowed the Heather History Company to showcase many of their privately owned Scottish antiquities whose ages span across centuries at Riddles Court in Edinburgh. Examaples of these antiquities include swords from world war one and the famous Lost Gems of the Cameron Clan. The Clan has also agreed to let visitors into one of their privately owned stately homes at the start of September 2018.

The First official tour starts on may 1st. Let us push back the heather and let the games begin!