Scotland’s Battlefields 3 Day Tour

The perfect tour for history lovers.

Day 1 – The first leg of our tour starts off in Edinburgh where you visit the famous Edinburgh Castle and learn about its history and the many sieges that have taken place there over the centuries. EDINBURGH CASTLEAfter a visit to the castle, you are then taken to the site of BATTLE OF PRESTONPANSthe Battle of Prestonpans in 1745 on the outskirts of Edinburgh which saw the Cameron Clan chief become the Governor of Edinburgh. Next, we take you to the city of Stirling, just an hours drive away from Edinburgh where you visit the historic Stirling Castle and learn of the great battle of Stirling Bride which took place there in 1297. After a quick lunch, we then travel just outside Stirling to a small area called Bannockburn where you visit the site of the hugely influential Battle of BATTLE OF BANNOCKBURNBannockburn in 1314 which saw many clans, united under William Wallace, fight against the English for independence. We then travel to the historic town of Fort William, the main area in Scotland where members of the Cameron Clan have lived for centuries. This is our first over night stop.

Day 2- Our second day starts off in Fort William where we take you to a remote forest near Fort William where a mighty battle is said to have taken place between the Cameron Clan and the English in the 17th century which was so bloody, it led to the Cameron chief having to travel south and meet the English king in London to discuss a truce. After Fort BATTLE OF GLENSHIEL.jpgWilliam, we then travel up north to Glen Shiel in the stunning Highlands where you can learn about the Battle of Glen Shiel in 1719 which saw many Jacobite Clans join forces with the Spanish and fight against the English in the hills. After Glen Shiel we drive east through the highlands until we reach the city of Inverness and the site of the BATTLE OF CULLODENhorrific Battle of Culloden in 1746 which saw many Jacobite’s including members of the Cameron Clan fight together in what was to become the last battle on UK soil. After visiting Culloden we stop for lunch and then travel to the beautiful area of Glencoe in the heart of the highlands. Here you can learn about the infamous massacre in 1692GLENCOE 2 - SISTERS which saw some 38 MacDonalds massacred by government militia made up of Campbells as they slept. Our tour stops here for our final overnight stop.

Day 3 – Our last day starts with a trip south to the town of Pitlochry in the center of the Highlands and the site of the infamous Battle of Killincrankie in 1689 which saw the Scotland’s first civil war break out. BATTLE OF KILLINCRANKIE.jpgWe then drive to the city of Perth and the site of the Battle of Dupplin Moor in 1332 which saw the first king of Scotland crowned after the death of Robert the Bruce. After a quick break for lunch, we travel to the outskirts of the Scottish town of Dunblane where we stop at the site of the Battle of BATTLE OF SHERRIFMUIR.jpgSheriffmuir in 1715 which saw the second and final civil war in Scotland break out. We then drive back to Edinburgh just in time for supper.