Outlander Tour

If you are an absolute lover of Outlander (and by Outlander I mean Jamie) then this tour is an absolute must whilst you are in Edinburgh. Come on this tour and visit 10 Outlander filming locations throughout the Old Town. See also places that were talked about in the series and of course, walk around with members of the Cameron Clan whose ancestors were mentioned in the series as they helped save Scotland during the Jacobite Rebellions.

This tour includes:

  • Jamie’s Print Shop
  • Jeanne’s Brothel
  • The World’s End Bar
  • Claire and Fergus’s Reunion Spot
  • John Knox House
  • The Jamaican Governor’s House
  • Outside Street Filming Locations
  • Carubber’s Close
  • The Old Tolbooth Jail

Times: 09:00, 10:15, 11:30

Start point: St Giles’ Cathedral

End point: St Giles’ Cathedral

Duration: 1.5 Hours

Price: £12 Per Person

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