Museum Tour


An exceptional opportunity has arisen for visitors to Scotland to see a collection of exquisite Scottish antiques dating back centuries. The Cameron Clan of Port of Menteith has joined forces with the Heather History Company to showcase many of their antiques which have never been shown before. The collection will include paintings and Victorian and regency era clothing which was found in one of the clan’s stately homes. In addition to this, the clan has also arranged for several pieces of Cameron Clan war memorabilia to be shown including swords used in the 1745 rebellion, kilts, letters from World War One and medals. Musical instruments still used today such as a 200 year old piano gifted to a descendant of the Cameron Clan from Linlithgow Palace will also be shown to the public for the first time in centuries. The cherry on top of this collection is the Cameron Clan’s lost jewels which include rubies, pearls and diamonds, which have finally been found after years of searching and will also be on show.

Be the first to see a collection that has been untouched and unseen for centuries.

Cost: £50 per person for the whole day.

Please note that all tickets must be bought in advance and no photographs are allowed.