About Us

Who Are We?

We are a small tour company based in Edinburgh that operates historical tours across Scotland.

Our Story

Our story started off last December after we found an old box of family heirlooms in our attic. This box contained rubies, tiaras, letters dating back to the 45′ Rebellion and letters indicating our family’s strong relationship with the current monarch. After much reading, we discovered the incredible history of not just our family but the Clan Cameron in general in Scottish history. The history and the stories that we learned of our family and of the Clan Cameron over the next few months were just to good to keep to ourselves and so last year we decided to start our very own walking tours telling people the history of not just Scotland but of the Clan Cameron as well.

Now, you can discover Scotland with descendants of those who once saved the country and visit places all over Scotland only known to the Clan Cameron.

Come and join our Cameron kilted guides who are passionate about sharing Scotland’s fascinating story with the world.


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